Erasmus Programı Kapsamında Avrupa'da Eğitim Gören Beykent Üniversitesi Öğrenciler

Her sene artan sayıda öğrencimiz, Erasmus programından faydalanarak, Beykent Üniversitesi öğrencisi olmaları ayrıcalığıyla Avrupa’nın en seçkin üniversitelerinde eğitim görme hakkını elde etmektedirler.

























Marja Mettala
I am Marja from Finland and i am studying financial management and public accounting normally but here i have some courses of three departments.

I was really glad to have the information that Beykent University have accepted me to study here. I have been four times in Turkey before this and i really loved to be in here.

My first impression about Turkish people was that they are very friendly and helpful and now after three months i can tell that i was right. Istanbul is really big city for me and i love the colours of it.

I have experienced so many things in here and saw totally different culture compering to my country but all of those experiences have been good for me and i would ever change this three month of my life. I have used to study in big groups like 100 people and in here my classes were really small with 20 persons which make lessons really different. Relationship with student and teacher is more close in here, more like friend than teacher.
All of my teachers have been really good and helpful and i am lucky to say that the lessons have been in English. Big thanks goes also to my homemate and her incredible boyfriend who don‘t know that much english but we have manage mixing turkish, english and sometimes even finish!

Hoşçakal İstanbul!

Celine Levy
This great traveller gave his name to the well-known exchange program which allows students from Europe to discover different countries, cultures, civilisations and people all around Europe. I have taken this opportunity ! And I am now in Turkey, spending one of my 5 years education school here.

Different reasons made me decided to spend one year abroad : one of them is that I wanted to change ! Air, environment, lessons... so why would not change the country ? Let‘s do it !

Also I had heard really good reports about other students‘ experiences, as it opened their mind, they learnt a lot about themselves and others, country, culture... So let‘s try it too.

When I left France to come to Turkey, I really did not know what I would discover here. I had no idea about the country, the population, the university and so on.

Well, I can say that all my wishes were fulfilled ! Everything was so new, different...just amazing ! It is a real chance to live with Turkish people, and not just be there as a tourist. Indeed Turkish culture is so rich. I am speaking about food, history, geographical and political issues, religion, disparities in life styles (it is very interesting to compare some families who are living with old Ottoman culture and new students generation who are more modern but also very different than in Europe). I love travelling in Turkey. Everywhere, I learn.

By this way, I visited the beautiful İstanbul, cooked manti with some women in a village, learnt common Turkish and French histories in Canakkale, discovered the existence and meaning of the Turning Men in Konya (Mevlana)... and many other trips are still waiting for me. 
Of course, one of the main important aspects of an Erasmus exchange is to meet with new people. This point cannot just be discribed. Everyone will create his own experience, live it. But I can say that for me, Turkish people are responsible for a big part of the well going of my adventure.

Right now, this adventure is going really well and I will keep souvenirs forever, for sure !