Our libraries in Ayazağa Campus and Taksim Campus as units of Beykent University and Learning Resources Centre are equipped enough to supply the required materials of the faculties, departments and Higher School programmes. Our centre contains academic publications to cover the course as well as to address the social lives of the users and the periodicals on current issues. There are books and periodicals, databases, electronic periodicals and potential sources of internet. Among these facilities, the databases day by day make it possible to reach the available information, to pursue the new developments and to follow the current issues.

Our libraries, in Ayazağa, Taksim and Beylikdüzü Campuses are at the service of the users. In our central campus library there are materials for users from the Professional Higher School, Prep School, Departments and Post Graduate Departments.

The library in the main campus is 3000 square meters. Books, bound collections of magazines are located on the first floor; the floor is reserved for periodicals, reference books, individual dealings and cataloguing unit. The library in the Ayazağa Campus occupies 670 square meters. It is designed to contain the required materials of the departments in the Faculty of Science and Letters, The school of Economics and Administration, The Faculty of Architecture and Engineering and the Faculty of Fine Arts. It also includes the sources for the School of Foreign Languages and Prep School programmes. Our library in Taksim Campus is rich enough to supply the materials of post graduate programmes. The post graduate thesis are kept in this library. In all of the campuses of our university, electronic databases are readily available.

The language of the publications kept in the collection of the Library is mainly English. The materials included in our centre are in accordance with the educational policy of the university and support scientific research. The collections of the library can be classified as books, periodicals, newspapers, CD-ROMs and audio-visual materials.

The publications unavailable in our library are supplied from the libraries of other universities when needed through the inter-library loan system. In the reference department, which organized to meet information under electronic media, it is possible to search in the subscribed data bases.