The Erasmus +  is a European Union (EU) student exchange programme which is the operational framework for the European Commission's initiatives in higher education. Turkish National Agency is responsible for the overall implementation of Erasmus + Programme in Turkey. Erasmus students are eligible for the Erasmus student mobility grant provided by the European Commission through Turkish National Agency. However, it should be taken into consideration that all other expenses including travel expenses between Turkey and the host country, living expenses including accommodation etc. belong to the student. 

We have strong relationship with our partner universities abroad and every semester we set up new agreements with the reputable universities from different European countries to increase the student and staff mobility.

All students, studying in an associate, bachelors, masters or Phd degree programme (except the students will be studying in the English foundation programme), can participate the Erasmus + Programme.

Students studying in an associate and bachelors degree programme, must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.20, and students studying in a masters or PhD degree programme must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point avarage of 2.50. Students should not have to participate the Erasmus programme before. 

All students who participate in the Erasmus + programme receive an Erasmus mobility grant. This grant is a sum allocation of money from the European Commission intended to contribute towards the extra costs arising from studying abroad.

For the list of Erasmus Exchange Agreements please click here.


TR National Agency : 

The European Commission is responsible for the overall implementation of Erasmus Programme. Actions are managed by national agencies in the participating countries or by Executive Agency for Education, Audovisiual and Culture based in Brussels. Centre for EU Education and Youth Programmes - Turkish National Agency promotes and implements the Programme at national level and acts as the link between the European Commission and participating organisations at local, regional and national level. 

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