Dear Students,

We are proud to be School of Vocational Studies as being a part of Beykent University for the purpose of providing national education to young people which form the basis of the state that is secular, democratic and social state of law and diligently created by Turkish Revolution in Anatolia, the cradle of civilization.

The purpose of the Vocational School is to educate young people who have internalized universal and national values and principles with intellectual consciousness. To do so, we have the Board of Trustees that enables all sorts of support devotedly. Thus, we have managed to set up Computer workshops, television studios, and the other studios for the programmes of Textile, Cookery, Graphics and Radio and TV Programming through these devotions and support of the Board of Trustees.

The scientific and executive staff of Beykent University formed by the Rector depending on his knowledge and experience has also passed through to the School of Vocational Studies.

Our School of Vocational Studies provides the students the exchange programmes to introduce the educational institutions of other countries in the interntional arena; and prepares the youths for the future through the facilities related to their occupations in specific sectors.

Dear Students, we are all aware that the largest share in the success of all our efforts is yours. I wish you a happy academic year with full of success and good health.         

Director of Vocational School
Asst. Prof. Dr. İsmail Erkan ÇELİK