For a co-operation that aims to train knowledgeable and humane individuals, an internship protocol has been signed with the attendance of the Darülaceze Chairwoman, Dr. Aylin ÇİFTÇİ and the Rector of Beykent University, Prof. Dr. M. Emin KARAHAN.


Beykent University has co-operated with the Darülaceze Chairmanship, which has a deep-rooted history, signing an "Internship Protocol". Students from Beykent University's Oral and Dental Health, Paediatric Development, Personnel Management, Cookery, Law, Public Relations and Presentation, Graphic Design, Printing Press and Psychology departments will undergo training within the Workhouse Chairmanship. Furthermore, personnel working under the Chairmanship will be able to receive education in Beykent University's foreign languages, post-graduation and doctorate programmes, as well as benefit from the course and certificate programmes.


During the ceremony held within the Chairmanship's quarters, the Darülaceze Chairwoman Dr. Aylin Çiftçi vastly informed attenders of Darülaceze’s history. Çiftçi stated: "This is not an ordinary establishment. Aside from internship, we provide universities with opportunities to execute their public service projects. We will celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Workhouse on 31st of January, 2015. We will undertake significant projects within that scope. We aim to become a social establishment with our "Living Museum" project.

We will also collaborate with universities with the Healthy Life Institution project. We want the universities to undertake the Institution's research related to nutrition.


Chancellor of Beykent University, Prof. Dr. Karahan as well made a statement: "Our university is among the first established foundation universities, dated back to 1997. The number of our students has reached 21,000. This year we also launched our Dentistry and Medical departments. Our medical programmes include a mandatory internship. The possibilities you grant us here are valuable to us. I think this is a good partnership between the Workhouse and our university. Here, our students will learn about the facts of life beyond internship. We are grateful for this. And as a university we are ready for any sort of co-operation."


After the signing of the protocol, our Rector Prof. Dr. M. Emin Karahan visited our residents.