Beykent University celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Turkish Cinema among the yearly celebrated tradition Turkish Cinema Love Day. The event, where precious artists attend, got great interest.


Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Karahan made the opening speech and draw attention that one of the duties of the university is to be close to society, art, artist and culture, remember diverse events from the past and present of our world and remind them to the society; also that he watched one interview about the 100th Anniversary of Turkish Cinema and one unforgettable acteur of the Turkish Cinema, doyen, veteran Eşref Kolçak said that he was an active artist for 70 years of the 100 years of Turkish Cinema but retired from agriculture and that many artists cannot get retired, thus disappear off the face of the earth. Our Rector mentioned that he got affected from what he said and finished his speech by wishing this situation to change.


In this special day, organized by the Beykent University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Cinema and TV, representer of the male actors of Turkish Cinema and signed to unforgettable films İzzet GÜNAY get his award from our Faculty of Fine Arts Dean Prof. Dr. Ebru URAL; representer of the female actresses of Turkish Cinema who won the 1965 Ses Magazine and became the most loved actress of Yeşilçam, Selda ALKOR get her award from our universities Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin KARAHAN.

The cinema author and historian Agâh ÖZGÜÇ got the honour award for his written-visual accumulation from Prof. Dr. Oğuz MAKAL.

Furthermore the director of the film ‘Salıncak’ Nazan KESAL, who won many acting awards and let her star shining in the last years and won in different festivals awards after her Master Programme in Beykent University Department of Cinema TV, got her award from Prof. Burak BUYAN and anchored our event.


After the award ceremony our precious artists made emotional moments with their speeches. The 6th Turkish Cinema Love Day ended with the 100th Anniversary of Turkish Cinema cake, the Film Photography Exhibition of Prof. Dr. Oğuz MAKAL’s archive and the film screening of ‘Yılanların Öcü’ directed by Metin Erksan.