The Turkish Employment Organization Contact Point That Will Support Our Students In The Business Life and Job Searching Procedure at the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. The protocol was signed on 14th March 2014 by the Turkish Employment Organisation and our University and put into service. The Turkish Employment Organisation Contact Point will offer service two days of the week (Tuesday and Thursday) between 09:00-15:00, and will offer oportunities in job searching, internship, job and profession consultancy.

"What is a Job and Profession Consultancy?"

a) It informs about the Turkish Employment Agency and consultancy services

b) It makes individual and group meetings

c) It informs about labor market and job searching abilities

d) it guides the person to jobs that are proper tp their knowledge and ability by criticising the person right

e) organise teaching seminar, discourse and conferences for job searchers


Students, who want to use this service can meet our consultancy at the Department of Heath, Culture and Sports on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 09:00-15:00.