Italian I

Instructor: Barbara Dell’Abate Çelebi

Pre-requisites: None

Course description: Standard Italian for absolute beginners. 3 hours weekly.

Reference to European Framework: A1

Course aim: This course addresses beginner students who have no knowledge of the Italian language. At the end of the course, students will be able to communicate in everyday situations, using basic vocabulary and grammar.
The course consists of grammar, reading, listening, speaking and writing skills along with various teaching methods to introduce learners to the four abilities in Italian language. One of the aims is to guide students with their future language education plans based on their potentials.
Students in this level learn to greet, to introduce themselves, to talk about their familes and hobbies, to ask simple questions, to count, to tell the time, to construct negative sentences as well as to to talk about likes, dislikes and free times. Students learn to talk about their daily lives and to use the possesive adjectives as well as to describe buildings, places and streets, to make reservations at hotels and from the travel agencies. Moreover elements of Italian culture (geography, cuisine, literature, history etc.) will be an integral part of the course. 

Methodology: The course has a communicative-functional approach. Emphasis is on the balance of audio-oral, written, lexical, grammatical and cultural skills with strong reference to the indications drawn within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Grammar is taught through an inductive approach that puts students at the center of learning and makes them discover grammar rules with the help of the teacher.
Active participation in the class is considered essential. Self-evaluation, self/mutual correction and guided inference will be encouraged.

Teaching techniques: Role-plays, pair/group discussions, skimming, and fill-in will be widely used.


  • Rete 1, libro di classe, Marco Mezzadri e Paolo Balboni, Ed. Guerra (Unit 1-7)
  • Rete 1, libro di casa, Marco Mezzadri e Paolo Balboni Ed. Guerra (Unit 1-7)
  • Grammatica pratica della lingua italiana, Susanna Nocchi, Alma Ed.
  • Radio Lina, Italiano facile, 1° livello, A. De Giuli e C. M. Naddeo, Alma Ed.

Extra material: Songs.                 

Evaluation: Global evaluation will be the outcome of the following:              

30% -  Mid-term exam
50%  -  Final exam
20% -  Reading Test (concerning Radio Lina) 

 Attendance: Students are requested to attend classes. Attendance will be taken.