Office of the Dean of Student Affairs seeks to serve the needs of the undergraduate and associate degree students at Beykent University. Office of the Dean of Student Affairs operates at our Ayazağa Campus where our undergraduate students receive education. There is an office at Beylikdüzü Campus where our associate degree students receive education subortinating to the main office.

Office of the Dean of Student Affairs conduct operations by implementing applicable regulations in order to respond and promote the needs of the students. These operations are as follow: Registration, re-regisration, enrollment, drop-out, break off, suspend registration, granted leave of absence, orientation, undergraduate transfers of both in-house and outward students, vertical transfers, minor and double major degree programs, student certificate, transcription, student identity card, pass card etc.  

Our students are strongly recommended to follow Academic Calendar. Academic Calendar displays the calls and deadlines of the operations that our students must complete every year.

Yet another important issue is that our students should update their communication information on a regular basis. All kinds of notifications to the students are carried out via telephone and address details which we obtain from students during the registration. In case of any alterations in these details, students need to update their communication information in one of the Students Affairs offices situated at our campuses.