The primary mission for a school of economics and business administration in today’s increasingly global world is the professional development of individuals assuming leadership roles in society. Today the fields of economics and business administration encompass a wide gamut from the homo economicus to firm-level economics to problems of the national economy. Stimulated by the rapid development of information technologies in the 1990s, the compass of these fields of study has enlarged further to now include the global economy. The growth of the global economy, enhanced by the removal of such restraining factors as customs barriers, has underscored the undeniable necessity of optimizing the use of global resources for the global community.

The School of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Beykent University is dedicated to academic excellence through the study, teaching, and research of economics, management, and international relations, both in Turkey and internationally. The school has developed special programs to educate the economists, managers, and politicians of the future for a globalized world. In line with the vision of our university the most important mission of our school is to train specialists, managers, diplomats, and politicians equipped with the knowledge and skills demanded in the complex companies and institutions of increasingly global aspirations in our country and around the world.

As the language of instruction in eight departments of our faculty is English, our graduates acquire the necessary background as preparation for career positions anywhere around the world.

Dear Students and Parents, you will find more detailed information about the programs of study in our school given by the department chairs at the introduction to each department. Today we have ten different departments: Business, International Relations, Management Information Systems, International Trade, Economics, Banking and Finance, Tourism Management, International Logistics and Transportation, Business (Turkish-language instruction) and Economics (Turkish-language instruction). I would hereby like to give the good news that, as called for by our mission, we will open new departments in the future. Students completing any one of these courses of study will assume important duties and responsibilities in the development of our country. In fulfilling our mission I am happy to underline the fact that we rely on a distinguished academic staff with deep reserves of experience and talent.

Prof.Dr.Selahattin SARI