Department of Television News Reporting and Programming


Television Reporting and Programming department aims to develop student’s theoretical and practical professional knowledge and skills in the field of communication, electronic and digital media, while it improves their public awareness and trains future's television producers in the light of the professional ethics.

In the programme of Television Reporting and Programming department, which has started its education in 2011-2012 academic year, has theoretical lessons about communication, media and social sciences as well as it has different professional and practical lessons such as New Media Technologies, Social Media, Sound and Light Design, News Language and Diction, Video and Sound Editing, Television News and Programe Autorship, Programming and Directing Television. It also aims students to conduct in-depth researches in communication world and add changes to their daily practices.

Department emphasises on the importance of social communication, as well. In addition to its dynamic education programme, the department invites professionals in related areas via social clubs established by students, who arranges cultural activities. And it prepares students for professional life as strong, self-confident, well-equipped communicators.


Ass.Prof. Müge DEMİR

Head of the Department of  Television Reporting and Programming