Department of Translation and Interpreting (English)

 In today’s globalized world, English has become the lingua franca in many fields such as science, technology, culture, art and trade. This is especially true for information and technology crossing national borders and thus requiring translators/interpreters to act as cultural experts facilitating communication between English and national/local languages. Beykent University Department of  Translation and Interpreting (English) was founded in 2005 to train prospective translators/interpreters equipped with the knowledge and experience to work wherever interpersonal and intercultural mediation is needed.

 The undergraduate program in translation and interpreting aims to raise language awareness in students who will not only be proficient in Turkish and English at linguistic, cultural and institutional levels but also regard translation as intercultural communication rather than just a linguistic activity. The program also aims to provide students with practical experience in translating oral and written texts requiring specialized terminology and field expertise in a number of physical sciences and in various social sciences such as international relations, economics and law, in addition to essential knowledge in translation techniques, theory and practice. The students are also encouraged to become proficient in a foreign language other than English.

 The four-year curriculum includes skills development courses in reading and comprehension, oral and written communication, etc. intended to improve language awareness and proficiency, followed by professional courses that bring theory and practice together. For example, theoretical courses such as text analysis, theoretical approaches to translation, research methods in translation studies and translation criticism provide an extensive view of the field, while special topics in translation courses offer intensive practice in translation, and interpreting courses introduce major types of interpreting such as onsight interpreting, community interpreting, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. In addition, students can take elective courses in tourism, law, international trade, economics, international relations, logistics, public relations, etc. so that they can enhance their general culture and gain knowledge in a field of expertise. Like all students of Beykent University, translation and interpreting students can apply to minor and major programs provided that they meet the necessary conditions.

 Graduates of translation and interpreting departments are employed at various institutions such as publishing companies, translation offices, public and private institutions with international links such as ministries, universities, banks, tourism and international trade firms, and the media.

Doç. Dr. Mine GÜVEN
Head of Translation and Interpreting (English)