With the mission of becoming a prominent faculty, Science and Letters have been in an effort of educating dynamic, initiative   students who are equipped with the current information and communication technology standards. Current issues in science and literature in the world have always been followed in order to present a high standard education to our students.

This year, examining three prominent universities from both Turkey and the world, teaching programs have been improved. We hold and improve teaching programs, assessments etc. with strong faculty (members) who follow the current developments in science and have good teaching and communication skills.

Science and Letters faculty have five departments: Mathematics and Computer, English Language and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature, Translation and Interpreting (English), Translation and Interpreting (Russian),History, Psychology and Sociology departments. Departments give honors of Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Science degrees after a high quality education equipped with contemporary teaching materials.

Prof. Dr. Fethi ÇALLIALP